Limited Linguistics

Word complex


A word or few can hold within its qualms

Entire universes of mysteries and miseries

From that initial jog into view down to

That final extirpation out of entropy’s final thrust.

Lives, of course are more than words, contain

Wonder and pain, love and disgust in configurations

Well beyond the noun or adjective or even verb.

One must contain a throat to scream, a mind

To dream, that sense immense cannot condense

Existence into the formalities of utterable sound

Or even scribbles symbolizing oddly the lightning of life,

That flash of clash that streaks through every now

May echo in linguistic thunder to trace the wonder

Of reality but there is no way that actuality can be trapped

Into the tangles out of the consonants and vowels enwrapped.


From all reports, the the, it seems

Is the word most popular, most necessary

To complete all linguistic schemes.

Theology, now exclusively denoting a deity,

Must, therefore, require the the indefinite,

Less apish, more spooky, perhaps kooky,

To inspire something more heavenly

And less concerned with Hellish fire.


A post existence concerned with harps

Seems to me quite archaic, oddly bizarre,

Admittedly, less prosaic, leaning on the obsolete,

Lacking saxophones or a guitar, perhaps.

To push things a bit far, the digital may be a star

To include the spiritual inspiration for sensation

Appropriate to eternity with a bow to modernity.


So the may be linguistically unique,

So to speak, arbitrary in sporadic function

An obvious director for attention to the singular,

Just to mention the obvious, but elusive

To the point of being inconclusive.

The I Of Eye

The I of eye can cry nay

In withdrawals of dismay

When social conformities

Come into play,

Their pressures squeeze

That need to please

Which squeaks with tiny screams

Like mice trapped in nightmare dreams.


The visual is not casual to snatch packages of sight.

Compounded with sound and scents as increments

Of patterns that betray the way the world may be.

We each are never neutral as we flavor with emotion

That cascading ocean of reality to compound totality.


Ideas swim like shoals of fish that glitter in varieties,

Flash in turns and swish, fall and rise to seek surprise,

Flee back into depths of black mystery wherein

The sharks of forgetfulness gobble possibility to refuse

The plays of fractured infinity that destroys the offers of the muse.

The Presumption Of Reason

Thus and so attempts to certify

The undeniable, to cage the beast of indeterminates

With butterflies of absolutes, with securities

Of purities that drink the nectars that bloom

To enjoy the sweetness of the presume.


But the garden of the mind does not exclude the diverse,

It is a universe of violets and roses, dandelions, and cactus

That gather within the wonders of perversities gone wild

To match adversities of color, shape, in implements of accidents

To snag bags of chaotic delights to fill our most odd dreams at nights.


Einstein tamed the nothingness of Newton’s spacial mysteries with

Invisibilities of gravitic shape to guide that magic grip of Sun to Earth,

To swim galactic stars in spiral pathways as they carousel into oblivion.

To implement what we see with imaginations of probability and perhapses

Permits the logical collapses to emerge and fabricate and solidify reality.


There is a mistake involved that thought itself is immune in purities of absolutes

Since its devices are derived from the gossips of neuronic chatter of likenesses,

Wheels and yoyos, irises, and a plate all relate in abstract pattern subconsciously,

In metaphor, which is the door to creativity, and this, not logic, creates the key

That unlocks the mind to be free to graze in amazing nourishment on open possibility.

Thought Mechanics

In the inanical fancifuls where speculation dwells

Human intimations tend to construct perhapsicons

Of emotional entities such as to conceive our Sun

That tours across the sky to fly a gilded chariot each day

That we may bask in warmth and light in pleasure with its flight.

Likewise our nights are seen dominated by the Moon as queen

To fluctuate in shape with time each month, a scimitar between the stars.


Cascades of light and sound and scents, linked into coincidence are captured,

Maintained in neuronic webs within our brains, packaged  into memories retained

As living patterns that relate with color, shape and energies intact to simplify to abstracts.

These metaphors, much extended, remain alive to touch and recognize relatives to enhance

Likenesses of generalities to create families of design that, in extreme, become a universal dream

That we accept as odd dramatics in the ballet of mathematics that dances with the galaxies

And swims into the decimals of the infinitesimals where uncertainties reside to deride

All absolutes to shake loose securities of any attempts with sureties.


Persistently thinkers avoid that thought can be spontaneous, inherent in the automatic

Quite democratic manufactured intercourse of the axon-dendritic touch where intent,

Perhaps, at times, may complement the random grasps of pure chance within the brain’s electricity.

Perspicacity is presumed to bloom with coherent intellect, a consciousness of cause, effect,

But, quite often, the click and flash of creativity illuminates the unexpected surprise of the unsuspected.

The Facts Of Life, The Life Of Facts

Humanity has now

Within its grasp

The tools to become the sum

Of all potentials, all essentials,

The engines of invention that promote

Intentions of organics to obey.


The slow patience of a million years or more

In evolutions blind solutions

Can now be short circuited by the clever

Chemical incantations that persuade DNA

To charm pussycats into swans,

Demand that alligators plume themselves

To fly like pelicans or, perhaps dance ballet.

Our latest technological advance can recognize

That our nutrition, our breathing needs,

Other fundamentals, are formed far too specific 

To this planet Earth to be of worth to invade  extra planetary space

Where relocation and human genetic innovation is required

In abidance to atmospheric variations, odd gravities,  new types of food.

Appreciations of French fries, apple pies, must be forgotten,

Adaptation to alien nutritions grown or trapped, fabricated technologically,

Makes more sense than the wild expense to attempt terraform.


It’s clear that other planets, elsewhere, must sensibly be obeyed to form

Their own special creatures fitted well, locally, to dwell in comfort and conformity

To what works easily with what they have on offer, so immigrants who stay

Must become unhuman in many ways quite radical, compatible to a norm

That Earth considers alien, but, in fact, feels like home.


Therefore in lieu of sending humans to eternally fight a hostile ecological condition,

It would make better sense to reassemble humanity in form and requirement

To delight in a planetary system that a human might consider blight.

We should hatch and dispatch to Mars, not Man, but Marsipan.

Bungle Bundle

One must be capable to become culpable,

To acquire the fire to enflame

An  entire planet in shame which becomes,

No doubt, a skillful trick that engages

Complements of rages out of fierce entropies controlled

With bold enterprises of monumental stupidities

Of the most exalted instigations.


No other creature but a human could be credited with acumen

To initiate its intense self-destruction with such fierce joy

To employ the power of a star when any more mundane firearm

Could accomplish such delicious obliteration in energetic economy.

Obviously that type of tactics involves theatrics most specific

To delight in might alone to toss into the face of a presumed God

That humanity, as well, retains the cleverness to initiate

The supreme innovation to create its own glorious version of Hell.

Spates Of Fate

We all well know the flick and fray  of every sway

Must, someday, come to an end – there is no way

To convey the uneasiness this cease may tease.

At best, this geas, replete with fears invests its tears

In quiet contemplation that there is no way to flee

What must be the commands of this final democracy.


The here and now of each of us in transience can be

Quite negative, or perhaps a plus, most momentary,

Fragile to despair that waits in prey to disassemble

The mumbo jumble of the tumble where the gusts

Of cruelty whirlwind away whatever hopes might array

What our tactics might promise of reward or even some stability.


Sensations of eternity like friendly dogs that lick our hands

Or Christmas trees with candy canes and lights topped with a star

Can be enjoyed, but actuality refuses to retreat its bizarre determination

That this waltz with sensation we each enjoy lightning strikes to flash

The brilliant wonder to be alive and black thunder must return us back to ash.

In The Beginning

Intent And Cognition

The histories of mysteries within ordinary cognition,

Conditions of perception that are conceived

As intentionals within the functions of conscious manifestation

Are mistaken, misperceived phenomena

That should be understood as supremely automatic,

The click and crash and transformation of sensory input

Patternized and abstracted, stored to relate across neuronic spectrums

In cogent interconnects that affects the totalities of mind.


One might think that decisions are devoted to a floated sense of enterprise,

A sensible construction assembled with directional precisions,

But mental mechanics is quite otherwise in undisguised conformities

To DNA commands, engines fueled emotional by unconsidered strictures,

Subconscious dreams of horrors and delights that stream throughout nights

To contravene the sensible, roil the scene of reason into the incomprehensible.

The mind cannot be untangled wherein simple good sense is strangely strangled.


Time unfurls this world with thunderbolts and crashing stars, with tired attitudes,

Outrageous platitudes, setting Suns and rising Moons to soothe a wounded mind

That seeks to find some sustenance in the quiet furies of the cosmic universe at play.

Tonight, perhaps, promises a momentary pause to provide respite for the coming day.


If the thumbnail on my thumb

Decided it should dominate my inspirations,

Inclinations would succumb to most peculiar limitations.

In ways most similar, the sense of self,

That element that deals with fields of patternizations,

Can become outrageously bemused that it is all,

And all else subordinates in mere addendum.


The ifs and buts, the limbs and guts,

The nose, the ears, the eyes,

Recoil in surprise to discover relegation

From this egonomic domination

Wherein the essences of sensation are debased

To erase a fundamental primacy that accepts

The steps to discern realities most essential

To incorporate as fundamental to survival

Are tossed aside to provide odd fantasies, their grip

On totalities that distort implications of essential import.


Deep within each of us, internally, there is a mind

That must deal with what is real, it knows the alternatives,

But must discern what is critical, or contentious, to learn

What to choose to gain or lose in this game of continuity.

Though consciousness is contrived to monitor sense input

As it arrives, implications derived from prime DNA plus signals

Imposed by experience can decide what is relevant to remain

And what is to be dismissed as irrelevant, tossed aside.

Eruditions from traditions deride the absolutes in crude stupidities

To prolong the Sirenic songs to suck entirety to the abyss of finality.


The shrewd primeval disciplines with instinctive thrust of the automatic drive

To stay alive must incorporate the idiotic ego so deformed by noxious nonsense

Now polluting what we are misinformed to presume is current civilization.

Time is quickly closing down all escape from this pervading rape of simple decency.

This cascading threat to all life and love requires incorporation of all intents

Of mind and goal to circumvent this obliterative toll or we suffer the consequence.