Limited Linguistics

Word complex


A word or few can hold within its qualms

Entire universes of mysteries and miseries

From that initial jog into view down to

That final extirpation out of entropy’s final thrust.

Lives, of course are more than words, contain

Wonder and pain, love and disgust in configurations

Well beyond the noun or adjective or even verb.

One must contain a throat to scream, a mind

To dream, that sense immense cannot condense

Existence into the formalities of utterable sound

Or even scribbles symbolizing oddly the lightning of life,

That flash of clash that streaks through every now

May echo in linguistic thunder to trace the wonder

Of reality but there is no way that actuality can be trapped

Into the tangles out of the consonants and vowels enwrapped.


dinosaur footprints


To assume experience conveys

Ways to know how the world may go

Is something of a necessity, although

What comes can be a threat charged with mystery.

Danger stalks in over confidence out of history.


Inherent intellect in the automations

Of life and death that are the sculptors scalpel

Of evolution proceeding on the novelties deposited

In striated layers of accumulations in inevitability.

Styx and unknown tricks will pulverize our bones

To nourish lightning strokes of unexpected change.

Nothing persists beyond the measly multiples

Of a hundred million years or so that unwrap

The traps of alterability to fracture all stability.


We foolish fleshy instants that bloom, perform

Our postured quadrille into obsolescence

In hope weather and ecology might tolerate our energies.

Our successes stretch excesses that rip and roil

The basic limitations in planetary dynamics

Opening chasms into catastrophic innovations

Irreparable to currencies we most need.


There is no rigid logic to foretell the curvatures of possibility.

That green ocean scum that rose and fell on windy touch

Of oceans billions of years ago carried no messages

To spell flesh or fish, the thunder of the dinosaurs,

Or hinted of a waltz by Strauss nor indicated Mickey Mouse.

This odd hinge in time that swings open under humanity’s addictions

Seems viciously cataclysmic to illustrate that to destroy is to create.


We humans, of course, seem most likely to vanish in tornadoes

Of arcane demonic revelations from joins of fierce energy release

To leave behind new intricacies of mind to inhabit both

The living and the dead in forms as unimaginable to us

As were we to those ancient molecules where it all began.










To approach that date

That ultimate,


Like any other potato,

How to end up

Baked, boiled, or simply fried,

Can be somewhat  disturbing,

Requires a sense


Not to deride final demands

Of proprieties and vital glands

Which requires

The retire of normal imbecilities,

Abilities evasive in finalities.

Determinations to toss away

The common garbage of each day.


No more the dilly dally

To postpone a final goodbye

With a telephone or email.

One must embrace the winds of chance

To fill one’s sail

And drift off into happenstance.


That final chop to stop the clock


Will be quick.

Dying while asleep is a trick

To admire.

But  one does not normally have a choice.

That inevitable voice in the matter

Could be a small whisper of farewell.

So, what the hell,

Let it come, I will scatter.






time and space


One of the fundamentals of capitalism is that workers must be dominated by business by seeing to it that the fundamental source of availability of the basic necessities and even luxuries  comes through money and businesses which thereby have a tight control of life itself since the central source of money remains through wages for work. The US constitution is rather vague about its guarantee of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness since most of these are intricately tied to having money, and all businesses have a firm grip on who gets money and how much of it  can be acquired by individual workers, No matter what type of government is in power, the actual social ecology which controls the life of working people is the totalitarian formalities of any operating business which can, at the whim of the managers, control pretty much all of the lives of those employed.


Fundamental to any business operation is its profitability and the considerations of the life qualities of the employees is of concern to the business only insofar as it relates to the profitability of the business and the guarantees of life qualities of the average workers in documents such as the US constitution are of small consideration to business requirements on profitability. All this is openly recognized and never really challenged.


The only social instruments the general population has to safeguard their life qualities are through government regulation and organized labor and both these social instruments have been severely limited by the fact that the legislative and executive arms of the government, for the bulk of the last century and much of this one has been under the control of the major businesses which finance much of the operations of the electoral system and therefore dominate just about all of government legislation.


The only era in the economic dynamics of the USA wherein the power of labor organizations had a major effect on the relationship of the working force to business was during the administration of Franklin Roosevelt before, during and after WWII and that was permitted because the financial crash of 1929 when the controlling elite clearly demonstrated that the powerful wealthy, whose fundamental motivation was unrestrained greed, had little if any considerations for the economic health of the nation. The myth of the success of communism in the Soviet Union frightened the wealthy elite and permitted the growth of labor organizations which, by the raw power of labor strikes , fostered federal regulations that permitted the growth of a middle class which had sufficient income for a decent wage. Also federal controls of the profit system to guarantee social legislation for decent working conditions and a relatively good regulation system to prevent the social disasters of a system inherent  in the economics of unrestrained profits and greed.


When Harry Truman gained the presidency he initiated the long withdrawal of federal support of labor and its victories for decent government which culminated in the totally anti-labor administrations of  Reagan and both of the Bush presidencies that have done their best to destroy labor’s gains. Since the electoral system has become a hugely expensive enterprise through the economic domination of politics by the large corporations, both major political parties are now total puppets of the wealthy elite and democracy has deteriorated into a complete farce in the USA. The Soviet Union never achieved the classical promise of a government by the masses and always was a totalitarian fraud although it matured into a world power with sufficient strength to destroy Nazi Germany in WWII.


Although the brunt of the legislative system of neoliberalism was most evident in the USA the post WWII, economic power of the American corporate military complex dominated much of the world and lead to the  antisocial destruction of the social gains of public health and education of the post WWII era, the inherent self destructive economics unhindered by proper legislation of governmental regulatory systems inevitably resulted in the monstrous financial fiascos of the 2008 banking disasters. The quick Obama rescue which donated many multiple trillions of dollars to the criminals who caused the catastrophe with no consideration for the huge number of the general population who were robbed by the banks of their basic incomes openly demonstrated that the federal government was controlled by the  wealthy elite and the same illicit games began again.


The Trump presidency was the partial result of the massive dissatisfaction of much of the US population with the Obama administration since Hillary Clinton gave strong indications that federal subjugation to the financial sector was her prime objective and Trump posed to be the bull in the china shop to make some sort of turn around.  Trump finally revealed himself to be a complete fraud in this matter and totally inept as any kind of effective national leader.


In the last couple of decades there has been much advancement in automation and robotics and in times like now when the traditional work force presents major difficulties because of expense and the fundamental conflict of economic necessities in human sustenance and its conflicts with profitability, the elimination of human labor in production becomes an attractive goal. There is still quite a way to go before this can be attained, but the current problem of the pandemic is a strong spur to move it along. But beyond that, the fundamental relationship of earning money for work gone totally destroys the mechanism of the market place. If people are shut out of earning money to purchase the results of production they must get money from somewhere else to maintain the system. This is the basis for the growing interest in a universal income so that the population can purchase the results of production, but this is resisted by the wealthy elite since it destroys their main weapon in controlling the general populace. If everybody has the funds to live a decent life the wealthy and their somewhat idiotic sense of superiority out of a life of luxury loses a great deal of social force and exposes the most peculiar aspects of money as a prime value. Most of civilization from its very beginnings seems to have required a hierarchical social structure and if everybody can live freely absent of oppression wealth loses a great deal of its value.



This brief summary of how we arrived into the relative helplessness of our entire world civilization before a microscopic enemy is strong indication of human self deception towards its puny abilities when confronted by the immense resources of an unknown universe.  Life itself seems to be a rare phenomenon requiring very special, and perhaps, unique circumstances of this unusual planet within an unimaginably vast universe. What remains outstandingly obvious in our current difficulties is that humanity has never, within its entire existence, managed to understand and react sensibly to the demands of its very special environment to see to it that all its members can acquire what it needs to live an enjoyable and creative life. We are, of course, not unique in this. The twin forces of biological creativity and the most necessary  destruction of forms that cannot derive basic necessities from the environment must be eliminated to permit the success of better attempts. Even ants, who have existed far longer than humans, fight wars as do we. But they have been blessed with the ignorance of nuclear weapons and their manipulations of their environments have not been powerful enough to destroy much of life on the entire planet. There is wisdom in the fairytale of the sorcerer’s apprentice but the apprenticeship of humanity has no sensible sorcerer to rescue it when things get really bad.


The nature of life, therefore, requires punishment to force it to learn to succeed. The most important event in science in any endeavor is to learn that it is wrong, and to value that to discover what might be right. It is wonderfully educational and follows Nietzsche’s understanding that what does not destroy you will make you stronger.


Humanity is replete with immense stupidities and ignorances, especially amongst its most powerful sectors of economics, finance, government, and the military, and much of its traditional preoccupations. Its latest years have presented a small fragile gateway into our solar system and opened the possibility, in the somewhat distant future, to the much more vast universe. If anything is sure, it is most likely we will meet challenges far more fierce than any we have encountered so far in this most insignificantly tiny  bit of space we have dealt with so far. Hopefully they will make us stronger.











The flow

The go

Of what may be so

Is now on fire.

The edge has been crossed,

Something fundamental

Has been lost.

Instability has broken free

To seize community,

Transform it to disease.

Our kiss becomes

The kiss of death

And essential breath alone

Extends the zone

Of demon fear

That we all



Perfusions Of Confusions



The dead have read the skies seeking replies for centuries,

Seeking replies to whens and whys, to whos and whose,

To ifs and shifts that carry gifts of what may spot surprise.

Answers are not found, they are configured out of rigors,

Applied and tried and, at end, when they bend and crack,

Sent back to ignominious discard to inspire exploration.


We living still persist to to pose probes set to expose

Where the past was blind, to find that frail chink

In that wall that never falls to frustrate our grasp to think

Enchained with links of ignorance and imperfections.

Endless dimensions of misdirections plague our sight

In demonic delight to bind all desperations of corrections.


This immense castle wherein we scamper behind the walls

No doubt, was built by giants unknowable, immensities of force

With intents so arcane it’s probably impossible to obtain

The total logic that might reign to tickle tiny planets into being

To dance around their stars through Winters, Springs and Falls

And  Summers to produce the tiny animals that wonder at it all.







At the age of about 6 back in 1932 I was astonished

At the revelation that we  are all condemned to die

Without exception.

With time one can accommodate to that inevitable, but

Having come now to exist for 94 seasonal variations,

And reached this currency of expectation for general artificial respiration,

It is fascinating to witness much of the world facing similar thoughts.

The old nostrum that misery loves company retains little comfort.


The uninterrupted presence of the consciousness that all this

Is temporary, stains life itself as a rather bleak dismal farce,

A  quick peek at the vast machineries of universal field acrobatics

That, at end, in Shakespearean conclusion, signifies nothing at all,

At least, from the human point of view.


This fascinating interim may not have been designed specifically

For human entertainment, but as a show, it rates quite well.

Deep participation in nourishment and reproduction with variations

Far outweighs all current artistic efforts to play games with perception.

Robots have yet to acquire the delights and horrors of emotion

But , no doubt, nerds will see to it to remedy that lack, so that,

Finally, humanity will have made itself totally obsolete.


That this human interim is completing its universal utility is apparent,

At least on this planet, and if life has managed to afflict other planets,

There is little doubt it will progress in somewhat similar patterns.

Conscious or not, there is an inherent intellect in field interaction

That will see to it that multiple possibilities will be explored

And our universe, playing with itself to immense enjoyment

Will progress through all its variations with total disregard for humanity.


As It Goes

solar system


Language is a sorcerer  whose gown

With capacious sleeves holds far more

Than pigeons, rabbits, and shuffled decks of cards.

There, nests in some discomfort, our universe,

Replete with tumbling suns, herds of planetary families

Obedient to our manufactured gods arraigned in mathematics

That clown to comedies of  quantum surprise and mysteries.



The farce of parse are where the chase of noun and verb

Congeals realities into petrified generalities that crumble like old cheese

To please the current novelties of scientific and theologic  fashion.

Life and death are postulates of opposition, whereas their partnership

Is the definitive  cooperation to manufacture everything resiliently alive.

The industry of intellect is presumed to require the vast complexities

Inherent within the neuron blobs with jobs to capture pattern,

Involve tapestries of synaptic chatter amongst mass neuronic crowds.

Nevertheless, far simpler intent can be bent to shape seasons of reason

That imply that mere conflicts to live or die can just as easily reply.


Human analogical creativity contains proclivities to formulate entities,

A flow of fictions, bowing to addictions that prefer hormone intents

Rather than  notions born of rationalities out of the probable.

These ghostly beasts range their heavens while we humans cower

At their infinities of power, which enable them to stumble moronically

Into symbolic magnificence through successive rampages in endless rage

When all their manipulations mimic the silly brutalities of their human originators.


These monsters, nowadays have, to large degree, vanished into history,

But nostalgic theologies persist to assist the actual human dinosaurs

To lever all of civilized humanity towards finalities of extinction.

The failures accumulate from misdirections, misconceptions, inabilities

To simply see this planet in its misery, a huge machine that requires

Inherent attention to its complexities of atmosphere and terrains

Beyond the brains where cosmic powers have now arisen into brutality.


Ecology can speak to those aware, to those that care to beware

Of gross violations of the basics to maintain necessities to sustain

A planet’s viability, social civilities, nourishment availabilities, and so on.

But life itself is merely one minor mode in planetary existence.

This minor solar system fully shows other ways are in majority.

Life, human, or other, is quite special, but has negligible priority.