Robot AI


These older mornings captivate the fisherman of silver thought

Where bright sparkles gleam from evanescent flashes,

Catching instant glories of the particles of elusive dreams.

Mornings, before the birds can wake the Sun, can be depressive.

Black possibilities that now rise up each day in cataract catastrophes.

This world, now well joined, cabled unities of lives and deaths,

Multiplied synapses of love and hate, electric energies

That interact, spinning cyclones now manifest in tumbling tragedy.

The planet spasms wildly, atmospheres of fear and anger

Driving most surprising occult psychopathic misconceptions.

The militaries, like doctors stricken in determinations for complete tranquility,

Administer the absolutes of death and desolation to combat affliction

While the profit juggernaut behind snarls all of modern life.

Those ancient tools we captured in our hands, rocks to grab and sling,

Sticks to swing in conquest of our confrontations, now evolve with sorcery,

Mutate into powers far beyond our first conceptions.

Wheels they have and wings and even eyes to see. Fingers that can feel.

No longer chunks of stone or wood for bone. Fire for flight and claws of alloy steel.

They nest inside our pockets and speak across the seas, they listen for our footsteps,

They peek behind our walls. They watch and wait, manipulate to let them plan and think.

Not long, as thing go, before their digitals will know with speeds beyond our needs.

This end in sight, when they get bright, can twist our final fate. Our system now exults in results

To making men from tools and making fools of men.


Constrictions Of Conflictions

Random color pattern

Concession is the lonely grant

To confront the meshed confusion

From  which one fabricates illusion

To make life somehow relevant.


If the mind within the mind construes

To pick a rose, or a nose

Or, perhaps, resplendent clothes,

Consciousness cannot but choose

To conform to inside views.


Externalities can contradict

Entangling what to predict

With unexpected choices picked,

Catastrophes barely tricked.


The rat of this, the mouse of that

Menageries of what or whom

Swarms of misconceptions zoom

Of where a tit for tat may loom

So none can know where it’s at.


Dot color graphic


Perception shattered into words that cling,

One to the next, from disciplines most alien,

From syntax, time, and skew to attempt

But fail, intrinsically, to capture what is real,

Succumbs at end to templating,

Becomes liquid mercury to slip and flow

From capture, vanish in impertinence to

Not speak what only can be felt and seen.


So white sound, white light, white comprehension

Crashes like an ocean wave to leave behind

Astonishments of reflected sky,

Odd bits from the depths of the vast sea

Or messages from unknown stars.

One cannot capture infinity

In cupped hands, wide eyes or an attentive ear.

The everything of everything is white

To blind the mind and destroy all sight.

Physiological Linguistics

wolf howl

My body speaks to me in pain,

Locates in a finger, or a toe,

It screams in silence

To let me know

And explain

Why torture touches

Depths inside my brain.

For agony, to be precise

Is a signal located, not

Locally on the spot,

But in the CNS, a device

To convey the nice or un-nice

Languages, internally,

Delightful or infernally.

Have no nouns, verbs,

Or adjectives, but anyway,

Are quite explicit to elicit

Immediate response.

A stab or tickle

Is never fickle,

And even smiles have guiles

Quite wordless to communicate

What might be horrible

Or great to initiate

A reaction most appropriate.

To be smart and realistic,

There’s no need for a statistic

From a Finn or a Scot

On how to respond, to know what’s what.

Reaction must be instant for relief.

No time for the grammar carnival

To stem immediate injury and grief.

The howls of wolves, shrieks of mice

Are articulate far more than human speech.

And pierce the mind far deeper

Than any words can reach.

Anatomy Lesson

Anatomy Lesson


In the interest of simplicity

I must admit

It’s only, with complicity

And some wit,

That I continue to exist.

With baggages of improbables

Escorted by my genes,

Conformed to small achievables

By biologic means,

I am ensured

That what endures

Nicely lured

Is what conjures

This me,


Within this mass, complex,

Of dynamic mobile meat,

The brain, I should explain,

Contains a multitude of functions

Which seem, mysterious, inane.

By  employing synaptic junctions

That soon sort out

Its mental clout

In manners somewhat rational.

Reining in

The hormone din

To utilize the passional

To enforce

What most endorse

As nominal for humanity.

The right facade

To accolade

Qualities of urbanity,

Nicely spiced,

Chopped and diced,

And humanized







From sperm and egg, two points of view,

We joined in enterprise,

Proliferating from those two

To macroscopic size.

Our children, now, are multiskilled

In industries complex.

We could have been a bird, big billed,

Or tyrannosaurus rex.

But our scheme was more restricted

In our body plan.

Our aim, there, was well predicted

So we ended up as man.

This thing, I must tell, admit

Functions fairly well.

It eats, it thinks, its clothes still fit –

At least for a spell.

With modest meals, I think that it

Could keep a decent waist.

By exercise and vegetables

Its growth won’t be disgraced.

To cut down on digestibles

May require will

To deflate expandables

With culinary skill.

The thinking part way up on top

Can sometimes be a pain.

Its cogitations never stop.

Dispensing with the brain

Might make operation better, clear,

Far less complicated.

That space between either ear

Could then be allocated

To keeping pets – a mouse or bat,

A nest of active ants.

Or perhaps, under a hat,

Shade addicted plants.

But, I guess, we’re stuck with brains,

Which, at end, might make

For economic, social gains.

Finally, for goodness sake,

The thing might yield good sense

On just the right occasion.

A small but pleasing recompense

For intellect invasion.