To be sure to keep it neat,

Avoid the watchful glance, critical,

Take no chance, some romance

Is always useful to shunt aside

An attempt to deride.

Be discreet.


Politics and business often agree

That morality can be a nuisance,

Obstruction, on occasion,

May not sway to persuasion.

To compete one must delete

Methodically in ways not sweet.

Brutality can complete to satisfaction

What seems a necessary action.

But, to be concrete,

Be discreet.


The motivations to be sly

Can be complimentary to the guy

Who markets hope and prosperity.

And a furtive grope becomes excusable

When cardboard ideals are useable.

Knocking off a hundred thousand lives

In lands distant can make your day,

Create respect for power and decision

When those deaths of innocents are far away,

Can be a treat to the man in the street

As long as it’s



One must not boast or wave a bloody dagger,

Juggle H-bombs in swagger and grin

Before you do a few millions in.

It’s good to display a wistful smile, regret

That ferocity was the necessary bet

And delight that might makes right, but yet

The feat should be










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