This Morning, Today



This morning am I fingers and toes

A nose and one open eye to blink

At an exploding sunlight beam to

Flash away the fragment of a dream.


It was far long ago I rocked on a wave

In a quiet shore, a patch of green slime

At a time, the planet was still young.

Still a bit tipsy, newborn.


Memory is slim of my leather wings, my claws

And needle toothed jaws, cloud looping days.

And then, then I became other things.

A tree, quite tall, a fish, small, with transparent fins.

Something not quite octopus, but getting there.

A bear.


These variations demanded by situations

Where nutritions provided new conditions.

To be alive one must contrive ingeniously.

But today, I need a pair of eggs, sunny side fried

With a buttered toasted roll and coffee and the internet.


Time will not sit still, and my current species is quite insane.

This brain cannot sustain a simple conformation

To the necessary fundamentals, and this lovely planet writhes

In the disdain, in the pains and chaotic confusions.

It may be too late, but we must innovate, make things straight.


We cannot flee from the seas which run in through blood,

From our birds and humming bees and green fields and flowers.

It is here our souls arose, this place is our life that pleads for our needs.

This life in me is still tough enough to sink its grip into this loving soil

Keep it alive to survive, to change and rearrange itself, it can, it can,

It must.



One thought on “This Morning, Today

  1. I love this one. It’s pretty, playful and full of vigor.
    I found it on my smartphone.Thank you, Jan.
    Master of Words and Images.


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