The House Of Altogether Nothing

the house

The countryside in which it stands

Is broken with large jagged rocks.

Its trees are dark, from northern lands,

Whose branches scratch the sky; boney bough knocks

One against the other.  Cold winds finger through

Odd strands of captured human hair,

Torn newspaper strips look as if they grew

Amongst the leaves to bleakly declare

Of violence and despair. Black groves smell

Of damp decay.  They display white fungoid growth

Through which black insects grope, explore a shell

Deserted by a snail that caps its glowing trail. One is loathe

To venture near this place of threats

But winding through dead leaves, broken rubble

Is the path where stumble those, full of regrets,

Replete with fears, burdened with trouble,

Pass to reach the house.  Its peaks and walls

Assault the sky like a cataclysmic scream,

Intertwined grotesqueries that captures and enthralls

Those destined to drop into its dream.

The weary travelers approach in single file, one by one,

Trudge to the door which swings open wide.

They know their journey’s almost done.

They tremulously step inside.

Halfway down the long bare hall

Their head is seen to wobble, shake.

Comes now a groan, a gasp. Then the fall.

It thumps and rolls. The arms quake

And drop as well. The torso tumbles,

Then the legs topple like loose lumber.

The parts now chute in sliding jumbles

Through a hole in the floor. Nothing left to encumber

The next traveler. The house re-opens its front door.

The upper stories flicker, luminesce.

Moonlight glistens. Something rises to soar

From out a square chimney – glaucous, incandesce

To dissipate like spectral steam.

Something wakens from a dream.



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