When all is said at what is done, how the sum is tabulated

Whereupon our mechanism manufactures vital jism

Promoting consequence of enduring ism that duels nows

To murder them onto the kitchen middens of history and philosophy

Remains a mystery.

Decisions’ thunderbolts confront the blunt necessities of survival.

The ifs and hows flow constantly in rushing streams of possibilities

That thrash and smash with no concern of meteoric trajectory

Or whether Hiroshima might descend into atomic night

Or when or why Rome might burn. Each turn of the second hand

Lays out that Godlike demand where suns vanish into the unknowable

And galaxies bloom from dust while frogs and honeybees succumb to disease.

The ingenuities of chaos copulates in chronological delight wherein we molecules

Surrender to the gratuities of fate, to the amusing dance of fools whose wisdoms

Fluctuate on mental digestive gases which masquerades as ideology.

There is small recompense to percolate patterns of sense out of the fields of perpetuity

That bow and submit to the undecipherable.

Every end becomes a new beginning to seam the seems of fluctuating dreams

Where witnessing  must become sufficient in our dewdrop of existence.







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