Spick And Span

Rat and stars


Very few consider mice accommodation nice

And that goes twice for friendly rats.

Congenial co-inhabitation leading to

Integration of fellow creatures on this planet

Bars mutual appreciation of those who man it.


Universes swirl and spin with perverses out and in,

Multitudes of particles of rocks and other occult articles.

Dust, of course, is a must with impetus to give it thrust

In clouds of astral creativity respecting relativity

That blooms in stars and galaxies with multiple Venuses and Marses

Plus, for what it’s worth, the awful mess we call Earth,

Full of arguments, distresses, and strangest things beyond all guesses.


Several billion years it took, for those that even cared to look,

Before some guck with extreme luck began to spawn

Microbic wiggles, chromosomes, and odd creatures scribbling poems,

Constructing massive telescopes, puzzled by the vainest hopes

That life might somehow pervade some other cosmic everglade.


They searched at first with speculation, mathematic estimation.

Spectrum evidence of organic residence, of oxygen and oceans,

And other fundamental notions. Rocket probes to local globes

To sniff the soil, taste atmosphere, but nothing, nothing has appeared.

Local hunger for cosmic company has, so far, evaded confirmation.


Life, it seems, goes far beyond extremes that natural acceptance can admire.

It’s excesses in destruction, contradictions and afflictions, Ouroboric ecstasies

Generate complexities that seem inherent, baked within, systemic in its function.

Like that final astral flash that sucks a superstar to null existence, so with life,

Its destination directs itself to self-elimination to wipe its chaotic nature clean,

And so, return its planet to virgin sterility, whereon before life began,

Every geologic interaction was, so to speak, spick and span.


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