The problem lies,

The expert said,

With the head.

We must be wise

And utilize

Our logic skills.

The head, you see,

Clots up the nerves.

It complicates, you must agree,

All else.  If one observes

The utmost in economy

We must strive to free

Essential parts from distractions.

The eyes, the ears, the tongue, the nose –

We can dispense with all of those.

The brain will generate abstractions:

A useless frill

Such as free will,

Such as a tendency to dream

And consciousness, which may stream, –

All extras which we must discard,

An exercise which may prove hard

But, in the end,

Will heal and mend

And prove to be a winning card.

This prototype can be

The ultimate


It’s headless, but manages quite well.

No thoughts of heaven, or of hell,

A total loss of scrappiness

Results in perfect happiness.



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