People multiples


This universe of words wherein we listen to ourselves

With mouths inside our mouths, with ears

Where all the ears are ours.

This universe of words, caged

Securely in our heads,

Discerning patterns out of patterns

Out of patterns which

Becomes an endless hall of mirrors

Multiplying infinities of ourselves.


The avenues of understanding clog

With package wrappers,

Rusted tin cans now emptied of gods, demons,

Elves and flitting dreams,

Fled from sterilities of gravity, the speed of light,

Entropic powers.

Times once they watched with small eyed threats

Crouched to spring to snare, now gone as smoke,

Or perhaps to wait in ambush in the dark.

Lately fears now have matured to stride

With flaming columns,

Attired in blood and screams,

Across the entire world.


We are transfixed, all of us,

In frozen array,

To tie our shoes,

Brush our teeth, comb our hair.

Odd whispers of realities

Slip between the marble columns

Carrying solidity. Smiles, bright toothed,

With red lipped wings

Flutter overhead to reassure.

There are strange rumbles

Beneath the floor

Criss-crossed in

Fine lines of growing cracks.


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