Fabrications Of The Universe

Holding Earth


The eye of I confronts immense floods of useless stimulation

Immediately discarded in automatic discrimination.

No doubt there are genetic fundamentals industrious

To pick and choose what is vital to gain or lose but more,

Consequence devises choice to bestow experience a voice.

Terror and delight entangle to devise security from confusion.

And by this in selfish cleverness manufacture reality through illusion.

Actuality is far too complex to contain in totality by a mind

Of limited capacity. This conglomerate of synaptic nets approximates

With guesses, bets that gets us safely fed and housed and perhaps

Sexually aroused in circumstance to chance occasion of successful propagation.

Life requires nothing more. What happens deep beneath the sea or beyond the sky

Or how to make an apple pie is incidental, vaguely incremental to survive.

This planet and all on it are intentions out of dust. An accidental chronologic thrust.

Of smash and bang combined in context of claw and fang to arrive at you and me.

The universe could not care less of our success or total mess

So it seems just what we do with our dreams is up to us.


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