Qualities Of The Intimate


Concentric circles

Touch and scent do not merely complement the eye

That penetrate the depths of space and reach through time itself

To locality, dissolves in the greed of now that gnaws the edges of eternity.

This ear that knows the trepidations of the atmosphere implies

An approach, seizes to command appreciation, delight, understanding, or fear.

The body must accept direct invasion for haptic intimation of sensation.

So, touch colludes direct to nerve sensitivities exploring texture, pressure, heat, and frost

Risking costs in structural destruction. Contact must be tentative as caution’s preventative.

Scent is sent as adjunct to flavor’s five in a trillion variations to reveal a predator or a meal.

But contact continuity requires perspicuity of intent, mutual consent with an eagerness

To be alive, configure possibility with self and other, mingle with reality for personal extension,

To touch the future with the past.



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