Physiological Linguistics

wolf howl

My body speaks to me in pain,

Locates in a finger, or a toe,

It screams in silence

To let me know

And explain

Why torture touches

Depths inside my brain.

For agony, to be precise

Is a signal located, not

Locally on the spot,

But in the CNS, a device

To convey the nice or un-nice

Languages, internally,

Delightful or infernally.

Have no nouns, verbs,

Or adjectives, but anyway,

Are quite explicit to elicit

Immediate response.

A stab or tickle

Is never fickle,

And even smiles have guiles

Quite wordless to communicate

What might be horrible

Or great to initiate

A reaction most appropriate.

To be smart and realistic,

There’s no need for a statistic

From a Finn or a Scot

On how to respond, to know what’s what.

Reaction must be instant for relief.

No time for the grammar carnival

To stem immediate injury and grief.

The howls of wolves, shrieks of mice

Are articulate far more than human speech.

And pierce the mind far deeper

Than any words can reach.


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