From sperm and egg, two points of view,

We joined in enterprise,

Proliferating from those two

To macroscopic size.

Our children, now, are multiskilled

In industries complex.

We could have been a bird, big billed,

Or tyrannosaurus rex.

But our scheme was more restricted

In our body plan.

Our aim, there, was well predicted

So we ended up as man.

This thing, I must tell, admit

Functions fairly well.

It eats, it thinks, its clothes still fit –

At least for a spell.

With modest meals, I think that it

Could keep a decent waist.

By exercise and vegetables

Its growth won’t be disgraced.

To cut down on digestibles

May require will

To deflate expandables

With culinary skill.

The thinking part way up on top

Can sometimes be a pain.

Its cogitations never stop.

Dispensing with the brain

Might make operation better, clear,

Far less complicated.

That space between either ear

Could then be allocated

To keeping pets – a mouse or bat,

A nest of active ants.

Or perhaps, under a hat,

Shade addicted plants.

But, I guess, we’re stuck with brains,

Which, at end, might make

For economic, social gains.

Finally, for goodness sake,

The thing might yield good sense

On just the right occasion.

A small but pleasing recompense

For intellect invasion.




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