leaves in sunlight


What lights the fuse on dull gray days

Encased in dead routine

To set the spark within the ways,

Fire the machine?


For all of us are tied to each

To integrate the whole

Where needs and habits try to reach

And leach the central soul.


To leave the clockwork outer skin

Which functions socially

While spirit slumbers deep within

Thoughtless to be free.


What lightning strikes through discipline

To stop the clock at work,

To penetrate down deep within

To still the mindless clerk?


What trigger snaps the beast awake;

Can rouse the sleeping child?

Can energize the mind to make

It active, free and wild?


To break from out the cardboard hull,

Explode the fragments wide?

To grasp the world, sharp and full,

Release the self inside.


Perhaps a patch of sunlit leaves,

A photo old and brown

To turn to dust what one believes

And crash the temples down.




2 thoughts on “Key

  1. You have an independent mind. It would be silly to copy all those passages which carry transformation. I take two lines only:

    “To grasp the world, sharp and full,

    Release the self inside.”

    There is so much wisdom within you. I appreciate it tremendously.


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