Dinosaur Thoughts



Their brains were small, no doubt,

And highly occupied with the mechanical contraption.

How to push and pull it round about –

Its gigantic bony levers, meaty pulleys.

When to stuff the monstrous hungry gut

And get it into sunlight for the heat.

Not much circuitry to spare, but

Somewhere inbetween the gross mechanical controls

There must have been some thoughts.

Lumpy clumsy pleasures, happinesses in the musty air

Before the force of hunger thwarts

The heavy aimless mind’s meanderings.


Gone, all gone, the meat, the bone, the mind.

There is nothing left to find.

For death is not evadable

And we are all biodegradable.



One thought on “Dinosaur Thoughts

  1. “Biodegradeable” is the best solution. I like the idea of American natives going into the desert to die. Wildlife takes care of all the waste.
    Nowadays, the intoxication of bodies would in the long run do harm. The best modern way of disposing of bodies is by cremation.


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