weed 3

It cannot be gobbled up by cattle

Nor does it grip the mind

To shock beauty, make mind rattle,

But, but, nevertheless it persists.

There is glory in being tough

And in this world that can be enough.


They congregate in masses.

Fling persistence in our face

Mingle with the moss and grasses

Stand strong and vibrant, no disgrace

In demanding to exist, to fling their seeds

In total disregard for our needs.


Humanity manicures the entire planet.

Poisons, chops away the eagerness of anything alive

To leave sterile extents of sand and granite

To be paved to await industries to arrive.

No consequence if humanity is insane.

Life prevails. This plant makes that quite plain.






One thought on “Weed

  1. The heat of this summer had been a real challenge to a plant which has been standing on the window sill, bearing basilicum leaves. The sun had been mercyless but the plant survived, thriving tiny leaves. I took the burned leaves off and will give the plant a larger pot with more soil. As it had had such hard time surviving, it will get the best treatment I can think of.


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