big fish


Having survived past the teeth

And tumbled, confused, in panic

Down the slimy throat beneath,

I now reside in this organic

Heaving place of strange smells

Divorced from stormy seas

(No different from monks in cells

Sequestered, bereft of keys).


Far below where digestions ensue,

Strange soft wet sounds are made

Which offers me the clue

It=s a place I should evade,

Full of destructive chemistries.

I will hang my hat up here

And avoid the organic mystery

That keeps this whale in gear.


I must, of necessity, subsist

On seaweed and raw fish –

Not much else. This is the gist

Of my nourishment. I would wish,

At least once more, to taste

A crust of dry fresh bread.

This seems of small chance.

I must exercise my jaws, be fed

Upon whatever that huge maw grants.


Within these soft pulsating walls

I live by touch in dark gloom.

Sometimes faintly, I hear seabird calls.

I have small future to presume.

I sketch my thoughts on black designed.

I wonder on a Deity who could

Drop me to dark dungeon consigned.

Have I been so thoroughly ungood?


Ah well! I wonder now my destination.

Will I live my life whale encased,

Chewing octopus in endless mastication?

Or shall I tumble inward to be erased

And incorporated into this beast,

No more to view tilled fields and the sky.

I would hope my God would grant, at least,

His reasons for this grotesque end.  Please, why?




One thought on “Jonah

  1. I am stunned by your art, Jan. As for Jonas, he was saved. So will you. Sometimes, humans endure purgery during their life time on earth. Whatever there is left for you to repeat “mea culpa”, you can be sure of mercy.


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