New York Subway



If I entwined my hair with flashing light,

Inscribed my forehead bright with fire red

Diagrams of curves and clouds to bring to sight

The cavorting shapes moving in my head;

If I dyed my ears blue, drew a banana on my nose,

Placed between my lips a round glass eye,

Hung each armpit with a yellow rose,

Strung glass bells inside my thigh

To titillate my genitals and tinkle

On arousal, wound ribbons out of gold

Around my calves to curl and crinkle

As I strolled into the subway crowd, bold

In all my manic glory, perhaps a face or two

Might glance my way, dismiss this clown

And return to puzzle out the clue

For ten across, maybe six down.



One thought on “New York Subway

  1. Subway cars are anonymous. For your performance I wish you a much better place where your state of mind and physical condition find more attention and appreciation, a seclusive place where there is room for intimacyand true love.


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