Ghost Story



The biggest difference is the light.

The Moon now penetrates my flesh.

My bones are glass against the night,

My blood and veins glisten in a mesh

To delineate my frame.

My whole world is not the same.


I pass through walls as through a mist.

Trees and plants are my solidity.

I can touch them – they resist

And form the limit of my reality.

All else is vapour – people, animals and artifacts.

I am reduced to vegetable contacts.


Every moment my mind requests,

“Why am I here in ghostly guise,

What superbeing jests

With me in this state?” But surmise

Gives no solution why I survive

Any more than those alive.


Spectres are, I suspect, quite rare.

I thought I spotted someone last year.

I ran to see.  No one was there.

I waited days for him to re-appear.

It is a lonely thing – to be a ghost,

To be kind of alive – almost.


I try to talk to people, children, beasts.

They retreat in fear – speed away.

Or else, in horror, cry out for priests.

So I sit alone at night, come what may.

I watch the Moon and stars, contemplate

This odd afterlife, watch fireflys, speculate.




4 thoughts on “Ghost Story

  1. I understand you so well Jan as I have been in exactly the same siuations at night while driving through moonlight on hard frozen snow in mountain area wondering about what to do if the car wouldn’t make it. This experience has been the most memorable. As I was later told, I had experienced the 4th dimension. I wish there was a way to go deeper into this subject. From my earliest experience on, moonlight has had a spell on me. The irreal becomes reality. Being in a ghostlike state allows to immerse and feel safe. While still in the reality of life as we experience it in our physical state, some of us are able to live in a transitional state. This allows us to feel the blessing of the universe. Thank you for your beautiful art.


  2. You probably know that our spirits are without limits. It’s the physical existence that keeps us restricted. Souls are immortal. This allows us to remain connected. The spirit enables us to spread out our wings, visit and connect with kindred spirits.


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