To Be Aware



One must pay attention to the world,

For attention, like a morning fog

Soon enough gets burned away.

Direct your focus on these pigeons

Who not so much move

As disappear and reappear in increments

Like those first astronauts in black and white

Who romped across the Moon.

All small birds do this

As do wild animals

And bugs.

For to exhibit motion makes one seen.

And, in nature, to be seen is to die.

But, in particular, each pigeon

Is a masterpiece.

If Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe

And Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear and

Tennessee Williams and Yeats and Homer

And Ogden Nash and William Blake and

Jonathan Swift (and Milton, if you must)

Stood in a group, simultaneously

Reading aloud their works,

There would be an ugly cacophony.

So it is with pigeons. Do not see them in a crowd.

Each one can be garbed

In rainbows,

In stark kaleidoscopic blacks and whites,

In soft russet piebalds.

Some wear sergeant stripes

And some unblemished whites.

Each in symmetry bilateral.

They are beautiful.

Pay attention!



2 thoughts on “To Be Aware

  1. We, the human species, realize that we live at the mercy of an infantil snob who by questionable circumstances came to power, and this fact of omnipotence has turned him into a serious threat to all life on earth.


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