The Old Ways

Old god


The gods have gone adventuring.

From tall pedestals

In the Metropolitan Museum,

Out of secluded corners

In tasteful wealthy living rooms,

They beam their malevolence.

Their gold powers

Are undiminished.

They have,

With sure strength,

Moved into the world

From ancient lost Aztec temples,

And the rain forests of Cambodia.

They sit now on glass topped coffee tables

And speak, not with sky thunder,

But in tinny tones

From cell phones.

They spit nulls and units

Into the internet.

The mind of Man

Has not changed.

It is as good as ever

A conduit of god thought.

Hearts, these days,

Rip as easily as before

From living breasts.

The gods’ cold jade eyes

Glitter before television screens

Depicting Ruanda and Kosova.


One thought on “The Old Ways

  1. You are the lone voice in the wilderness, Jan Sand. The days will come when Eliah’s attempts of reverse will not be in vain.


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