The Market



Where shall the claims

Be laid against the future?

The drop of particles

Interrupted on their cosmic trajectories

Skews constants in predictables.

Some architectures turn unstable,

Disrupt and self destruct.

Some are solidified,

Given unpredicted destinies

And conquer new territory.

What was once considered

Secure investment

Now proves unadventurous

And staid. Funds move off.

The pterodactyl and the dodo,

The smilodon and triceratops,

Once considered quite promising,

Had their run, but, in the end,

Gave poor returns.

The whale and the tiger

Are past due

To be downsized.




One thought on “The Market

  1. I am afraid, you are correct in your estimations, unless the huge change of course will set an end to self destruction of all life on planet earth.


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