Some Morning

Mouse In A Hole


I want to come awake

Some morning when the birds

Speak with small silver knives

That slice each round moment

Into shining shreds, dripping

Yellow light that has

A sour pungent sweetness.

I want to smell expectancy

So that it penetrates

From my nostrils to the back

Of my head to make my neck hair

Stiffen into hedgehog quills.

I want to touch familiarity

So that its friendly form

Twists like a mummy monkey’s paw

And nothing is the same again,

And each minute with its whiskers

A-tremble on both sides of a pink nose

Pushes into the present out of the dark

Future, scoots into the past

Through flames of delight.

I want to be young again.



One thought on “Some Morning

  1. Thank you Jan. Your words reach out to my soul. Your aphorisms are a blessing to mankind.The birds and fawn will carry your messages through the universe.


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