Frayed At The End

medical readout

Along the way

One collects.


If one has the wit to realize

The trip may be long

And pockets meanly shallow.


Youth and simple fascination

And an innate sense of order

Folds acquisitions into sense

Which fit most sensibly to stores.

But time overwhelms

Most economic husbandries

With plenitude.


Memories ferment and melt

To Pollock patterns.

Order and disorder meld.

Stars and tissue paper,

Unstrung pearls and graveled skins

Of tangerines long consumed.

Furniture no longer squats

In set configurations.

Curtains sag. Corners soften,

Faired by dust and crumbs

Into spider playgrounds

Where choruses of flies ensnared

Hum in symphony.


Dying must,

I belatedly perceive,

Be approached with caution.

Powers fade and disappear

In minute secret phases,

Like coins percolating

Through a pocket hole.


Distant objects blur.

The spines of books

No longer shout

What lies within.

Their colors smear

As by a moistened thumb

Into colored cacophones.

Sounds struggle through

A buzz and whistle static.

Anaesthetic numbness

Gloves my fingertips.

A ghostly dental shot

Has thickened up my mouth and tongue.

Soon I must be enwrapped

In white sterility

Within a chrome corral

Where hungry tubes

Will suck my openings

And pump intrusive stews

Bestowing to my life

A marginal extension.


Steaming from my center,

Like a lump of melting CO two,

Cold fear billows out

White clouds to lift me up

And off to nothingness.



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