The Gun



This day there seems

Small concept

Of the chemistry,

The way a meme

Can invade a dream,

Distort its centrality,

Dye, infect, englobe

Discrete components

To its design,

Forge from diversity

A dire unity.


The gun is,

In simplicity,

An engine of

Internal combustion

That dispatches

Its free piston

On death’s mission.

But its meme

Is digital –

Death’s finger

To annihilate

Its designate,

A pointer on the hand

To eliminate on demand.


This metal flesh

Once joined at arm’s length

Infects the mind

With an evil strength.


An object

Can contain an idea.

The Bible is an object.

The U.S. constitution

Is an object.

A gun

Is an object.


That boy

Who murdered, maimed

Other kids at school

Was not a boy

With a lethal toy

Was not a boy

With a gun.


That was a gun

With a boy.





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