Dark matter


There is a line inscribed in time and space

That contains my fingertips and face

Determining here I am and will be and was.

Durations of expectations, collections of regrets

That are best installed and stored in dark mementos.

A life is that and more. Patterns to come, shapes before

That flash and flame in delight and shame that cannot be

Discarded. These are the evanescent solidities of me.

The universe no longer spans vacuums of nothingness

Between the sparkles out of stars but is full filled

With dark mysteries who ghost the emptiness in nets

Between the galaxies that we can barely sense.

Odd distortions of the ways that photons streak,

Incoherent revolutions not to be accounted for

Of galactic spins that betray something odd out that way.

Thus do our lives as well encounter elements of occult spell,

A magic out of random unexpectedness from dark woven strands

That shadow through our lives to strike with lightning bolts,

Jolts of horror to rip away quiddities into what has occurred

Conferring upon all creation that all basics have become absurd.



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