Michelangelo’s David On Alpha Centaurus IV

David photo

Discovered several hundred thousand years

After life was found to be extinct

On the third planet from a nearby star,

The strange rock elicited curiosity, some fears.


One biologist theorized that it had been

A giant form of life, petrified. But samples

Had revealed no organic matter, nothing

To indicate this stone had felt biologic discipline.


A geologist had surmised the surface had been worn

By liquid water – an exotic fluid that, at one time,

May have been abundant on that odd planet,

A theory quite unique for such a place so forlorn.


Gazed upon from a special angle (perhaps the thought is mad),

This form could be imagined to have lived.

A foot, or something like a foot could be at one end

And opposite, could it be a head with eyes completely sad?


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