The Seeds Of Death

Death flower


The seeds of death are intimate to the birth of life

To strike away the false and clumsy, shear

To oblivion the inexact.

Their pact with the unexpected shreds failure to conform

To necessity to strip the rags of rot

From existent purpose that permits

All living things the opportunity

To join in pervasive unity.


But the consuming skills of destruction can exult

In dominations that exceed all creativities.

Uncontrolled it can enfold all life,

Strap all effort to create with killing furies

That invite total termination of the flame.

The game must be played with cunning caution

That permits the final glowing sparks

To re-ignite the dust.

For dust is ever eager to begin again.

It knows no why or where, no here or there

To invest its possibilities.

It sits and waits in everlasting patience

For that light touch that can crack open

The center of the universe.


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