Local Treasures

Compass universe


I am rather fond of up

And equally of down.

East and West go endlessly

When going out of town.

North, of course, is limited,

For when you’re northest North,

If you keep going straight,

Moving, not to hesitate,

With grim grin on your mouth,

You’ll find that you

Can only view

That you are going South.


These features of your movement are

Particular to planets,

The habitat of you and me

And bats and cats and gannets.

For if you wander in the stars

Or even venture out towards Mars

Very far from all boudoirs

You’ll find no trace of up,

And down is just as scarce.

You cannot use a glass or cup,

All liquids float in wobbly spheres

To end up on the walls as smears,

Realizing your worst fears

That you must then mop up.



One thought on “Local Treasures

  1. Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock…an old nursery rhyme.
    The London Bridge has become outdated or perhaps brought to new life.


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