At The Cafe

Photo cafe

At small gobbletime I squatted in clocklight

To glancegrab streetwheel swifties and stumblebys.

Skyfog chunks ambled in the blue, allwhite,

While chirpers quietchopped with whistletries.

Allflat headstate uncoiled the now and lightwind called

With fragrantscent the Springheatjoy to donate

A splitoff outof recallpains and old sunshines unwalled

Where lovehate parse unhorses what to collate.

Timeoozes, squirtsalerts or puddles in the unresolvable.

Wherein, whofor, whynot  and why snarl and growl.

Thoughts aroused tailchase and squabble, ideas evolvable

To spin within, where to begin the jumblejungle howl?

The nevermind is more kind, it’s still earlytimetoday,

Morestories to be told even though I’m getting old.

Patience will abide, things to be tried, I’ll find a way.

And, anyway I’ve got to move, my coffee’s getting cold.


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