There comes a point where idle chatter over things that don’t really matter,

Civilities that tolerate the insensate, talk that prates out of the polite

Considerations of weather, health, relativities of wealth and of late, politics

Concerned with massive idiotic brutalities, fatalities, misbehavior

Of some moronic savior intent to rectify the inherent, depressing futilities

Embedded, dreaded, yet incessant in the industries of our bumbling species.

No matter how we shatter all proclamations of our generous good intents,

Our novel technologies to save the world, the steel spike of stupidities

Drives deeper year by year out of ignorance and fear to bleed away all decencies

And the most necessary mutual respect so required to staunch death and oblivion.

So question arises then what compass needle should be obeyed to those dismayed

By pointless conversation. What invitation in direction used to eject verbal confection?

Circles exist that persist where gabble over pubic hubris is demanded or they get quite pissed.

Sex contexts selects projects to elect this or that configuration that could fascinate to dissipation

Energetic somewhat pathetic exercised devices which frequently entices post pubic immaturities.

There is, at end, not much to extend the primal fascination involved in wrestling to final consummation.

Aging to maturity can substitute invigorating games of less duress like chess, croquet, or dance in ballet.

Conversations do collaborate, integrate progressive physiology and pass beyond temptations of biology.

If tons of silly talk could be weighed, displayed on scales and commercially enwrapped in bales

Then carefully released to sails on sailing barques, commercially, and just for larks, there might be

An industry untapped. The massive output of cell phones could contribute mightily to atmospheric swirl,

Engaging in full the push and pulls of civil counteractions. The bears and bulls that spin the wheels,

That suck the gold and make the deals listen to the whistling winds of thoughtful minds that generate

Djinns of high dissatisfaction. The current speech of feeble reach to touch the spores of war and peace

Contains potentials for essentials still untouched. There still remains a force in talk to counter conflict.

Make it cease.


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