A Reconstruction

Holy Robot

To construct a God it’s rather odd

To choose to use qualities that confuse.

Most common things like horns or wings

And rings of glowing light create a sight

That might evoke a bit of fright

Which is OK, but, so to speak, rather antique.

One might squeak by to rely

On components one can’t deny,

Impress, so that, more or less,

By whipping up a universe or two

Requiring neither nails or glue

Would be at minimum a speciality.

But reality intervenes. It seems since this,

Even for a God, exists only in dreams.

This current edition requires admission

Of all sorts of serious, somewhat mysterious,

Lacks and cracks and voracious black holes.

The damned thing is blowing up and running down

To threaten lifespans of a mere fifty billion years.

Somewhat temporary, scary, quite contrary

To the basic charm of solidity in eternity.

So, to negate debate, we must not insist

To persist in older gods (that do not exist)

But must start anew. No more askew

Phantasmal apparitions perceivable

Only to bearded desert kooks, unbelievable.

Our God must thrust its presence

Equally to presidents and peasants.

It must be aware everywhere –

Across the cosmos, to both octopus and pheasants

And the rambunctious colliding galaxies

That bump and generate the planets

We find  so comfy and so pleasant.

I would prefer a God not too odd but somewhat outré.

Outlandish in a pleasing entertaining form.

We humans do not relish tails or horns but one head could do

Although, no doubt some would prefer two, to accommodate

The possibilities of multisexual approval. Or, perhaps –

None at all. A gentle nod to the starfish crowd.

No mouth to make ridiculous announcements which, though candid

Must then be countermanded when they go kaput.

It must not speak, but, perhaps, could squeak to please mice.

A rusty hinge would do which crickets would enjoy.

It can seem possible, for mutable construction, to employ

The spark of Lego, which might seem weird but could be cheered

By kids who prefer to assemble gods piece by piece to increase

Creative possibilities. But then, one must put in a word for the nerd

Who with motherboard or fatherboard or big brotherboard

That no longer can be ignored on quantum capability

Which now labors deep to awake AI from sleep to intellect agility

Far more acrobatic in the mental attic than that meat machine

Stuck In our heads which gets distracted by a female lip or hip or

Male torsos with an obese wallet. Therein is where we fear

A real deity can be put in gear to finally domesticate the hairless ape

And calm down countless Adams and Eves in ways no one can escape.


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