The sway of come what may

That swings the sense of everything

To convey the fundamental verticality

And undermine reality, diffuse,

Confuse, abuse, misuse, betray

Dismay all consistence of totality.


The novel insight disrupts, interrupts

The preconceived rigidities

A loss of central quiddities

Into descent of all intent

Blunders into stupidities

Wherein distraught correction

Merely corrupts.


So, must one retrain to gain

The basic balance of the brain

Regain the up the down, the sane,

Look carefully again, again

Discover what a larger world may contain.



One thought on “Balance

  1. In the uncertainty of today’s world, I am always glad to find out that you are someone to rely on, your thoughts,your art, your integrity. Thank you, Jan.


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