This is Humphrey. He was stolen from his nest as a baby by a seagull but fell at my feet while I waited for a bus. I put him in my pocket and raised him and he lived with me for 8 years but my superintendent forced me to give him to a friend where he lived for another three years. He was a good friend and I will miss him. He died last week and taught me to speak a bit of sparrow. I have known several birds and they taught me a something about birds. As you can see.





bird-4OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbird-3bird-conglomerateblackwing-birdblue-line-birdbrown-bird-flyingbird-descendingghost-birdsexotic-birdmagpiepigeonred-black-birdThe Bird of Dawnthe-last-birdpigeon-in-flight


One thought on “Birds

  1. Jan, I am deeply impressed. I have seen all of your art, but in this case it is your tribute to your friend who meant a lot to you. Thanks for sharing.


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