Airport Security



Hey, guys, dolls, let’s get real.
No big deal for a friendly feel.
A happy cop grab for your crotch
Raises greetings just a notch.
Appropriate in this biz
Would let you then reach for his.

“We grope in hope”
Is the scope
Of Uncle Sam’s police.
“With open fly
We attain the sky
Plus a bit of elbow grease.”
No terrorist
Can resist
This noble grab of ass,
While small diversions
In perversions
Are permitted with First Class.

When we scan you
We unman you.
X-rays nail your sperm.
Their frying beam
Makes them scream
No matter how you squirm.
So come with me
And we shall see
With what you can make love.
No bombs can hide,
I must confide
So I’ll don my rubber glove.



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