If you are shocked by flocks of foxes,

Deterred by a herd of birds,

Never fear, it’s quite clear

You can be coerced by words.


Crowds of clouds, schools of fools

Probably screw up the rules,

Never mind about ghouls,

Grouping them disrupts their cools.


Rags, we know, do well in bags,

Religions have their orthodoxies,

Normally packed up in boxes,

And centipedes with lots of legs

Are shipped in bottles, jars or kegs.


Ideas move in disciplines,

Impulses shift alone.

Fears can multiply most surely

By radio or telephone.


What causes things to scatter

Or, perhaps, to clump

And what we name them may matter,

Be obvious or stump.


Classes labeling the masses

Are, of course, selective.

Questions arise, with some surmise.

Are they connective or defective?


Never mind, it’s mind that binds.

We favor generalities.

We whim their names in mental games

With uniques and pluralities.





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