Hurray For Evolution



My great grand daddy was a dinosaur

My brother was a monkey.

I came from what had come before.

I think one was a donkey.

A relative of long ago

I’m sure once was a frog.

With certainty my fam’ly tree

Had a fuzzy wuzzy dog.

For we are life and lively be

And won’t accept we’re done

For we’re constructed of

The stuff of stars

And we’re still having fun.

My babies will be molecules

That leap empty space.

They may be cockeyed cyborgs

Or perhaps the human race,

But crazy be or lazy be

Matters not a bit

For the universe

Would be much worse

If we’d ever quit.

Three cheers for evolution

And life that jumps to Mars,

Whether it be rabbits

Or living autocars.

We’ll last as long as we can change

And dance and sing our songs.

We’ll leap across the galaxy

And bang the stars like gongs.



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