I used to think that mystery

Hung somewhere out among the stars

Like silver bells and mirror balls

On the celestial Christmas tree.


But understanding changed my views.

To know how much you know reveals

That what is known is not too much,

And this is not too happy news.


So mystery crept here from night.

It rolled like mist up from the dusk

To blur and smear the sharp and clear,

Enticing with a subtle fright.


It did not hold out in the stars

But moved in close at breakfast time

To stare across the coffee pot

With one foot here and one on Mars.


Here its one-toothed finger points

To objects, thoughts, things solid, bright.

Sharp edges fuzz, ideas fall flat.

Frozen, I sit, world out of joint.


Yellow Eyes surveys my house

Where I have lived quite rigidly.

He turned construction into cheese

Transforming God to Mickey Mouse.


Now I play cards with Yellow Eyes.

The coffee pot has gone quite cold.

I sometimes, even, win a hand

To his chagrin and my surprise.





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