Spelunking the Psyche



All hard lines, strong shapes

Bright colors, make escapes

To leave remains behind closed lids.

Dark sparkles, vague circles, pyramids

And glaucus forms that shimmer, shake

To part and make the path to snake

In tempting curves that beckon in –

Into miasmas, rubbled trails, widdershin

In halls of bone where eyes, where touch,

Where sound and smell sum to not much

To orient direction. Palaces of psyche here

Erect their towers. Powers form and disappear.

We have arrived at the gates

Where mind mingles with the fates.


Threads of silver, threads of gold,

Threads of diamond strung to hold

Baskets of conception, full

Of dripping luscious fruits that pull

Forth visions …blues and reds and greens,

Subtle shades, inbetweens

Encasing passions, joys and frights,

Sleepy loves, circus sights,

Twirling parasols and braying beasts,

Horrid things at nauseous feasts,

Dusty sawdust, acrid smells,

Crunchy berms of peanut shells.

Stacks of baskets packed with stones,

With crystal shapes, jagged bones,

Where shafts of light spear the air,

Ricochet in facet glare,

Speed away into sensation,

Pain diffused to adumbration,

Hints of chaos, hints of hell,

Cacophonic ringing bell

Tolling failure, soft confusion,

Flabby thoughts, odd illusion.

Sliding shapes, found or flat…

Not quite this, nor even that.

Susserations hiss the walls.

Spectral sounds, muffled calls

Echo in, echo out,

Boosting murmurs to a shout.

Away from sounds, around the bend,

Tentacles of stench extend

And split and subdivide

To where fragrances reside.

Filaments of succulence

Explode to flocculence

Which shock through inhibitions

To reminiscent exhibitions

Where shattered memories clatter to the floor.

Sludges of nostalgia to shuffle through, ignore.

The final destination dissolves in fuzzy mist

For the locus of the self, a point, does not exist.

It’s thoroughly distributed,

The sum of all contributed.

A holographic spatter

Of activated matter

That cannot be dissected

From the meat where it’s erected.


So we tumble back out into the Sun

Not far from the point where we’ve begun.




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