Going Postal


flat cat

To fold a cat

It must be flat

So that, one can hope,

To place it in an envelope

And mail it to a destination

With very little explanation.

Cats would not appreciate

This total compressive state

For transformation, dimensionwise,

Requires quite a compromise

From three dimensions into two

Which tends, I’d say, to imbue

Cats and other types of pets

A modicum of some regrets.

Better transport living friends

In three dimensions as it lends

More complete consideration

For their normal integration.

Flattened cats might have their uses

But it deprives them of their juices,

Eliminates their animation

So, I guess, in contemplation

It’s better yet to leave them be.

And cats, I’m sure, would agree


2 thoughts on “Going Postal

  1. Good morning, Jan.
    You make me laugh. I have been searching for a transport vehicle for my dog.
    If you are without car, you are in trouble. He is fussing about any transport box. So far I’ve used a baby buggy, after he had been under surgery. No way is he going to stay in there. Either I take him without any transport device taking the risk of him unable to manage the long drive by streetcar and bus, or I spend some more time searching. He needs a length of 80 to 90 cm in order to be comfortable. I have some time left before the vet’s appointment.


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