The Prince’s Tale

Prince and fly


The prince rolled his eyes.

He twirled his mustache.

He emitted several sighs,

Shoulders shrugged with panache.

His palms opened to the skies.

“Memory can be slippery”, he said,

“Like mud.  Sometimes it dies.

Or then again, it may be fed

By loss.  I remember well the day

The princess spotted me, bent down,

Kissed me on the nose. Without delay

I felt panic, leaped upon her gown.

My bones creaked and grew

And in a snap, I joined humanity.

No longer I was the frog I knew.

She proclaimed love! This seemed insanity!

But, she was determined, so, we wed.

She did admit that, for a former frog

I was not too bad in bed.

She snored and slept like a log.

To be a man, I accept

Held some compensation, some surprise.

I converse like an adept

But retain an appetite for flies.”


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