The Perceivers



Although the physicist arrives

Arrayed in quantities,

And the astronomer

Attired in tight precisions

Of the stars,

Do not infer

Estrangement from the world.

These are demands,


For immersion in the fluids

Of the universe.

They permit surrender

To salacious curves

Of the orbits of the planets.

From numbers are designed

Cunning snares to seduce

Evasive surfaces

From the emptiness

Of interstellar space.

Numbers alone,

Dispatched by metal travelers

Decode the thunder

Of distant crashing galaxies.

They waft the scent

Off the rings of Saturn

And their ballet

Through receptive minds

Flickers light and dark

From the two ends

Of Time.


2 thoughts on “The Perceivers

  1. Hello Jan , I very much appreciate your creative art.
    Saturn happens to be a strong planet.
    Your poem conveys high respect in regard to the whole universe.


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