I have stridden into hurricanes,

Seen frantic trees wave hysteric arms

At rushing clouds that paid no heed,

Too busy to look down.

I have plowed through waist deep snow,

Across white silent fields blue veined by shadowed trees

Under pure sky, so blue my eyes cried, my nose ran

In admiration.  Here mice morse coded passageways.

I have lain submerged in warm tall summer grass,

My hand against the sun’s atomic fury

While grasshoppers exploded in parabolas

Like popcorn alive. The thick sweet smell

Crooned me to sleep.

I have walked through winter forests in the night,

Moonlit snow my guide, so terribly alone,

A wanderer on an alien planet.

I have swum tepid shallow seas like a cloud

Over bottle sprinkled white sands while ghosts

Of jellyfish trolled poisoned nets.

I have, with joy, shuffled into piles of autumn leaves

Emitting barks and squeaks to other kids.

I do not want to leave this lovely Earth.

I do not want to leave.

3 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. Jan, you make me cry because I surely do not want you to leave. If you do, I have no right to hold you but I will always miss you.
    Thank you for this very personal poem and the lovely accompanying picture.


    1. I am very old and I feel I will not last. Nothing I can put my finger on but I simply do not connect to this world and never have. Just a feeling.


      1. Strangely enough, I feel the same way , have always felt like a stranger, at least this has been the case in Germany.
        As for you Jan, and as well for me, there has been too much suffering that a human being can bear and yet has to move on to the very end.


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