I Flap



My wings are skin, stretched on bone.

I flap.

The sun makes jewels of my scales, red, blue, gold.

I flap.

Far below, the tiny trees waltz in the wind.

I flap.

Against the sky of ruffled clouds, the black crows scatter.

I flap.

Tiny sounds of church bells tumble up into the sky.

I flap.

Small colored bits dance in random on a square.

I flap.

A children’s playground, I turn downwind.

I flap.

Folded wings, I whistle-drop to meet the ground.

I flare my wings.

I bullet swift to meet the children as they scatter, scream.

Talons extended.

I clutch a girl, it waves its yellow hair and squirms.

Up, up, up, I flap.

It stares at me in silent fear, blue eyes swim in tears.

I nip off its head.

Down falls the head, a yellow dandelion in the wind.

I bite down.

The warm flesh drips long strings of blood.

I eat.

The empty bag of rags falls away.

I flap.


One thought on “I Flap

  1. This is new Jan. Can you tell me if it is a reaction to latest news?
    Whatever it is that brought this inspiration, it causes me to respond by trying to assort facts.


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