Dream girl


There is in dreams a magic transformation

So that fear appears as watching doors,

A clutching claw a hair behind your frantic run,

Frozen feet that push through viscous air,

Or something simple, like a painted square

Upon the sidewalk of a painted city.


In dreams there can be crystal cliffs

That glint within with fields of flowers,

Birds and insects captured in rock glass.

Time and Space are stilled in frozen depth.

Stars no longer compass ‘round the north

But strew like sugar on a kitchen table.


I’ve had dreams that swirl and drown in love.

Some girl I could not see, but know

By how I felt. She was a vacancy, a blank

Defined by feelings strong outlined

That flowed in me like buttered honeymilk.

Thus I spun in weightless space, in love.


In sleep the human mind falls into disarray.

No floors, no ceilings capturing the beast of feeling,

Wild to play strong games gone mad.

We free ourselves to flee through mazes

Sown with pleasures and with pain.

At night we all go wearily insane.



One thought on “Refuge

  1. Jan, this is one of your graphics which I have always cherished.
    Your poem is a pleasure to read. I very much appreciate your work, new and of past days.


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