The Enchantment

Illustration signed


There is, in unexpected places,

The smell of magic,

An ambience of chaos freed

To infiltrate the pores

And penetrate the nostrils

From the inside out.

This spicy pungency

Turns hair roots into icicle points,

Dusts gritty granules

Behind the eyeballs,

Raises black smoke

Within the eyes themselves.

Joints scream in chorused pain

And the tips of toes and finger ends

Both numb and tingle

Like the sound of steel ball bearings

Shaken in a jar.

Thus we meet

Both love and death.


8 thoughts on “The Enchantment

  1. This art is an explosion of almost anything …. like a rhapsody … like spring …emotions unleashed. It combines all four elements.
    Most fascinating … and suitable for meditation.


  2. I keep coming back to this post. It has been with me all day. You are a master in combining text and graphic. Going over the poem, word after word, same with the graphic, square by square, takes the observer to ever new impressions. Like with all art, the dispense of disclosure happens gradually.


  3. All I was doing is stating facts. “Enthusiasm” is your interpretation of my comment. If you feel embarrassed, nobody will see your blushing face.
    There are two ways of solving this: Either I hold back with my impressions, or you at your age get finally used to positive statements.
    Your parents have been artists.
    Is there any of their work you could show to me?
    I have not told you at this point that I myself have talent in music, poetry and painting/drawing.
    Knowing this, it should not surprise you anymore to receive a qualified statement. In this respect I have to let you know that “admiration” is absolutely off anything I ever felt for your art. Instead, it is inspiration and delight.
    I have attended an art group once. It has been stunning to other attendees as weel as to myself that I was able to give a feed back to each of the pictures displayed.
    All responses have been reaffirming.


    1. I have been a professional designer which involves many aspects of art and design and have had the opportunity to assess my own abilities in comparison to other successful designers and my judgment has undergone all sorts of refinement so I know well what I say. My abilities in art and design have very strong limitations and I have no illusions about my competence. I would appreciate that you confine yourself to indicate merely whether my output pleases you or not. Judgements about where my skills may lie are best left to me. I take no pleasure in being over praised.


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