Puk-a puk the sajint say,

Do puk-a-puk when I do.

An’ we scrunch in bunch

On truck an’ sajint is who

Make front from all, he jump

An’ jump we too an’ run an’ squat

An’ wait an’ sajint he make fist he pump

An’ run we too an’ come thing house

An’ sajint finger make he point an’ inside do we go

An’ ha we laugh, make we ha ha when break

We glass an’ break we walls ha ha

An there we see thing wife hide

An’ thing baybee. Sagint he say puk-a puk

An’ guns we take an’ puk-a-puk thing wife

She scrunch floor down an’ too baybee.

An’ red is floor an’ thing baybee is squash

An’ insides come like snake with blood

An’ mix with thing wife red an’ thing he come

An’ howl and scream an’ we make puk-a-puk.

Now thing he too on floor an’ red an’ sagint he say puk-a-puk

An’ puk-a-puk we do. So ha say sajint, ha ha

An’ ha ha ha we do. An’ sajint he say good, is good.

But now is baybee blood on shoe,

An’ sajint say my shoe must shine

An’ so I wash my shoe from blood

An’ now my shoe is fine.




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