Paper Boat

My thoughts, when fashioned into words,

Words which twist and interlock

And echo on themselves in rhyme and beat,

When sounded, ring like choruses of bells,

Or waves that swirl and separate and meet.


Words and thoughts, when married into form,

When joined and folded into shapes

Wherein their grasp holds to each other tight

And yet extends a reach into the world

Engenders sorcery to make a magic light.


So, complete, these origamis of the mind

Encage, engage a coterie of notions

That weld into a small totality

Like a perfect little paper boat

To be launched onto an endless sea.


4 thoughts on “Composing

  1. Mary Katherine Manuel Thanks Heidi, I only had a link to his old poetry site, there has been nothing there for a while.
    Like · Reply · 6 hrs
    Heidi Banerjee
    Heidi Banerjee Mary, you make me so happy to point out Jan’s old poetry site. Can you PLEASE let me know the link ? His art was / is moving. On his new/own website, he has posted a poem and picture of his baby son.This is absolutely and…knowing the story behind it… heartbreakingly beautiful, Paradise before tragedy set in.
    Like · Reply · 6 mins

    Jan, good morning to you and congratulations on being so active.Your beautiful art is now finding its way into public view,minds and hearts.


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