My Little Boy


Dawn cracks daylight to our dreams

To sparkle morning in our heads.

I smile at him. His smile beams.

Time to climb from our beds

The park! The park! The park today!

We quickly slip on socks and shoes,

Gobble breakfast on our way.

The sunlight , blue sky, happy news.

We gape in wonder at a jay.

Tragedy! His lollipop

Gets tangled in my windblown hair.

We struggle with the tangled mop

And suddenly it’s free, so there!

He licks, but then lets the candy drop.

He laughs, I grin. He doesn’t care.

It’s the park! Finally there!

The swings, the slides, the teeter-totter,

Merry-go-round, the monkey bars.

Trees chatter in the breeze. It’s hotter.

He plays, he trips, watch out! Sees stars.

He cries, I hug, and suddenly

It’s quite alright. He jumps, runs free.

All playtime now, no memory

Or thought to cry.

A cloud of sparrows caught his eye.

But soon he sits, nods towards sleep.

Home and lunch and then, mayhap

Time for rest and then a nap.


His small head against my shoulder.

My thumb tight gripped in his fist.

Oh! What wild serene joy

He gives to me just to exist.



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