The Breakfast Mouse

The Breakfast Mouse .modification 2 jpg


There is a mouse

Inside my house

Who comes outside to see.

When he comes out

I look at him

And he looks at me.


With his teeth

He mines my wall

To make his living room

And hall.

My architecture,

No conjecture,

For his pragmatic taste.

My house is just a warmer hole


To make his Winter living space

Where Summer always seems to be.

When he comes out

I look at him

And he looks at me.


The round small eyes

To take in facts

Like shiny headed ball top tacks

Regard me with but little fear.

Just let me sneeze –

He’ll disappear.

But sometimes,

When I’m drinking tea,

Then he comes out.

I look at him,

And he looks at me.


Since he’s the guest

And I’m the host

I sometimes offer him

Some toast

Which he accepts most gratefully.

And as he eats

I look at him,

And, he looks at me.


I do not mind,

In my house

A single solitary mouse.

But it happens frequently

Mice start their own


I cast a worried look at him,

And he looks at me.


If he brings a girlfriend home

With her suitcase, brush and comb,

To have a family,

Soon every nook and every cranny

Will fill with kids and aunts and granny!

Frankly, that’s a bit too many.

Nervously, I look at him

And he looks at me.


If he over-multiplies

He’ll fill the walls

With small mouse cries.

They’ll gaze at me,

Near and far,

Eyes like

Russian caviar.


They’ll drill my walls

Like Swiss cheese

Admitting in

The Winter breeze

And we’ll cough and gasp and sneeze!

This is what I could foresee.

Panicking, I look at him

And he looks at me.


Toast in paw,

He looks at me

Trusting in humanity,

Gnawing very steadily,

Extending friendship readily.

“Oh well,” I think,

“I’m sure he’s single.

Let him stay and hang his shingle.

Allow this fellow to exist.

Perhaps he’s a misogynist! ”

My house is nice, we both agree.

I smile at him.

He grins at me.


My house is like the Earth,

You see.

There’s room for him

And room for me.

But we must plan

Most carefully

So space for both of us

Is free.

I at my chair, he in his hole

Can make it very comfortably.

I wipe my mouth,

He scrubs his nose.

I nod my head to him, and he

Shows his tail to me.





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